why tinker?

Productive Play

Play is becoming widely recognized as a creative work-mode. "Play is an altered state that allows the exploration of the possible." - Stuart Brown. Playful Development is a productive process of exploration resulting in a working solution.

Teams Building

Rather than traditional team-building exercises, Teams Building can strengthen existing teams (or identify weaknesses), foster cross-department collaboration, or just help you get to know your neighbors.

Innovation Inspiration

Innovation comes from a variety of sources, as does inspiration. A few possible triggers include getting your hands dirty, using both sides of your brain, and thinking out of your element.

media & mentions

New York Times

Why should designers and engineers do hands-on projects together? To foster innovation and enhance design. We led a workshop at Adobe that was highlighted in the Business Section of the Sunday New York Times.

Digital Designers Rediscover Their Hands

MAKE: Magazine

The 2008 XD Design/Build Prize was held as part of the Adobe Tech Summit, teaming engineers with designers to create a new collaborative experience. Gever's article describing the project was published in volume 14 of MAKE.

Ready, Set, Make!

related projects

Tinkering School

Created to empower kids to change the world, Tinkering School is the non-profit side of Gever and Julie's endeavors.




Wire Workshop (Making Fun) at Pop!Tech (2 hours)

Teams Building Tinker Challenge at Adobe Systems (day-long)

5-Minute Design Challenge at Maker Faire (15 minutes)

Make and Take Andon Lanterns at Maker Faire (15 minutes)

Design/Build Prize at Adobe Systems (1/2 day)


Software Design Cabal at Adobe Systems

Plerkshop (Play in Work) at Stanford University d.school

What Kids are Capable Of at TED

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