Empower organizations to greater creativity, productivity and collaboration through hands-on explorations and inspiring examples. Promote and provoke the adoption of play as a valid creative work-mode.

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Gever Tulley

Gever is a play evangelist, writer, consultant, and practicing sculptor. A self-taught computer scientist with no formal degree who holds multiple technology patents, Gever's expertise is really in... thinking. Having a deep understanding of how to dissect a problem in order to solve it (or at least to identify the areas which require further investigation and knowledge acquisition) has resulted in his collecting programming languages, power tools, and hobbies with equal enthusiasm.

Gever has taught workshops and made presentations to both kids and adults, in a variety of settings, including Maker Faire, Pop!Tech, Stanford University and Adobe Systems. His explorations of the integration of play into work are compelling to corporations, while his playful hands-on projects are irresistible to participants of all ages.

Julie Spiegler

Bringing order to chaos, shaping schedules, pouring process: no matter how unruly, no gang of designers or engineers can resist Julie's efforts to straighten bent priorities, hold to milestones, and bring projects in on time and in budget. Her approach is that of savvy craftsman: keep tabs on the subtleties, but don’t let the most obvious solutions escape.

Julie has collaborated with Gever on virtually all his projects, including Tinker Challenge, Helium (a results-oriented technology consulting company with an emphasis on design and development) and various technology start-ups. As a result, she is experienced at managing people, projects, and information.


The presentation Gever made at the 2007 TED conference has been viewed online by over one million people and is still being discovered and commented on, making it one of the most popular videos to ever come out of a TED-University session. [50 Dangerous Things] While his 2007 presentation was in one of TED's pre-conference sessions on a small stage, in 2009 Gever spoke again, this time on the main stage – to all attendees – and and his message is being heard by more people than ever before [video not yet posted].

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